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Weapon sound

TAR21 Silenced Sound – Suppressed Weapons SFX Library

The TAR21 Silenced Sound is the sound of the IWI Tavor TAR-21 with an attached silencer (suppressor). It is an Israeli bullpup 5.56×45mm assault rifle with a selective fire system, selecting between semi-automatic mode and full automatic fire mode. There are two main variants: the TAR-21 and the CTAR-21. Built around a long-stroke piston system, the Tavor is designed to maximize reliability, durability, simplicity of design, and ease of maintenance, particularly under adverse or battlefield conditions. The Tavor uses a bullpup configuration, in which the receiver, bolt carrier group, and magazine are placed behind the pistol grip. This shortens the firearm’s overall length without sacrificing barrel length. As a result, the Tavor provides carbine overall length, yet can achieve rifle muzzle velocities.

The TAR21 Silenced Sound Construction Kit demonstration uses 3 combined “OneShot” + ”Loop” + ”Stop” sounds, then 4 random “OneShot” + ”Stop” sounds. All the sounds in this preview as in the library, without processing. Also, our Unity and Unreal Engine projects use these files. Please find the links for example on our site or on our Youtube channel.

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