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Baltic Bees Sound is the sound of Baltic Bees Jet Team from the MAKS Sounds 2019 sound library. The MAKS Sounds 2019 library includes 11 audio files. Total duration: 41 minutes.

Homebase of the team is Jūrmala Airport (EVJA), 60 km west of Riga, Latvia. First flights of Baltic Bees Jet Team were in a two-ship formation in 2008. Two more jets were added in the following years to the team and a full aerobatic display program was created. From the very beginning, flight instructor and creator of the display program is the aerobatic pilot Valery Sobolev. Baltic Bees Jet Team use the L-39C Albatros Aircraft, a tandem 2-seat jet training aircraft. Display consists of complex and tricky vertical maneuvers in a six L-39C aircraft formation and exceptional individual performance with unique and top difficulty concept.

Operation by 15 jet demonstration teams is an excellent proof of how good the handling characteristics of the L-39 family are. Over 30 foreign countries use them.
The L-39C Turbo Fan Engine generates 3800 lbs of thrust. Maximum speed is 0.8 mach or 565 mph. Maximum altitude is about 40,000 feet.

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