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Weapon sound

ARX200 Designed Silenced Sound – Suppressed Weapons

The ARX200 Designed Silenced Sound is the sound of the Beretta ARX200 Assault Rifle with an attached silencer (suppressor). It is an Italian modular assault rifle by Beretta. The ARX160 was launched in 2008 as a commercial weapon system independent from the Soldato Futuro ensemble, complete with a companion single-shot 40×46mm NATO low-velocity grenade launcher, called the GLX160, which can be mounted underneath the rifle or used with an ad hoc stock system as a stand-alone weapon. In late 2015, the Beretta ARX200 battle rifle was introduced and is being supplied to the Italian Army. It is a distant derivative of the ARX160 modular assault rifle. It has passed the following military and environmental tests; cold and hot temperature, temperature and humidity, ice, salt fog, heavy rain, salt water, sand and dust, mud, unlubricated, double feeding proof, and barrel obstruction proof.

The ARX200 Designed Silenced Sound demonstration uses 3 combined “Start” + ”Loop” + ”End” sounds, then 4 random “OneShot” sounds. All the sounds in this preview as in the library, without processing. In addition, you can hear a similar sound from our projects for Unity and Unreal Engine. Please find links for example on our site or on our Youtube channel.

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