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Weapon sound

SIG MCX Designed Sound – Modern Weapons SFX Library

The SIG MCX Designed Sound is the sound of the SIG MCX, a family of firearms designed and manufactured by SIG Sauer, produced in both selective fire and semi-automatic only models, and features a short-stroke gas piston system. The MCX is available in rifle, carbine, short-barreled rifle, and pistol configurations. The rifle was further developed into the SIG MCX Spear, which was adopted in its .277 Fury chambering as the XM7 by the U.S. Army in 2022. The SIG MCX series features a short-stroke gas piston system to reduce recoil and improve the reliability of the weapon; this was based on the design of the earlier SIG MPX.

The SIG MCX Designed Sound demonstration uses 3 combined “Start” + ”Loop” + ”End” sounds, then 4 random “OneShot” sounds for close distance. And 3 combined “Dist_Start” + ” Dist_Loop” + ” Dist_End” sounds, then 4 random “Dist_OneShot” sounds for far distance. All the sounds in this preview as is the library, without processing. In addition, you can hear a similar sound from our projects for Unity and Unreal Engine. Please find links for example on our site or on our Youtube channel.

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