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Weapon sound

PSRL-1 Sound – Modern Weapons SFX Library

The PSRL-1 Sound is the sound of the Precision Shoulder-fired Rocket Launcher-1 also known as the PSRL-1. It is a modified American clone of the Soviet/Russian RPG-7 shoulder-fired rocket-propelled grenade launcher developed by AirTronic USA. These improvements resulted in a longer lasting, U.S. Army safety certified weapon system with a max effective range of 800+ meters. AirTronic prides itself on providing a complete weapons package including various accessories to adapt to any environment. There are three variants of ammunition: 1) SR-H1, a 3.82 kg 93 mm high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead. 2) SR-T1 a 3.82 kg 93 mm inert warhead. 3) And SR-T2, a 2.12 kg 70 mm inert warhead. Ukrainian troops used it for the first time in a conflict during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The PSRL-1 Sound Construction Kit demonstration uses 3 random “OneShot” sounds for close distance. And 3 random “Dist_OneShot” sounds for far distance. The further the listener from the weapon – the quieter “OneShot” files. All the sounds in this preview as in the library, without processing. Also, these files were used for our Unity and Unreal Engine projects. Please find links for example on our site or on our Youtube channel.

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