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Mi24 Hind Cockpit GSh-30-2 Low Rate Sound – SFX

Mi-24 Hind Helicopter Sounds
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Mi24 Hind Cockpit GSh-30-2 Low Rate Sound from Mi-24 Hind SFX

Demonstration of the Mi24 Hind Cockpit GSh-30-2 Low Rate Sound from the Mi-24 Hind SFX sound library.

There are 38 high-quality helicopter engine sounds and over 40 weapon sounds. The weapon sounds include firing from the GSh-30K autocannon at both low and high rates of fire, as well as the sound of launching multiple light rockets. Additionally, developers can use the detailed PDF instruction manual to incorporate these sounds effectively. Total duration: 11:45 min.

Listen to the Mi24 Hind SFX entirely


The Mi-24 Hind by Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant, serves as both an attack and transport helicopter. It can carry eight troops in addition to its armament, making it unique among attack helicopters. The Hind’s weaponry includes a GSh-30K autocannon, a YakB-12.7mm machine gun and a range of rockets and anti-tank guided missiles such as the AT-6 Spiral. The helicopter also features pylons for additional weapon systems, including bombs and rocket pods. Its robust design and versatility have seen extensive use in various conflicts around the world.

Interesting Facts:

  • Combat Proven: The Mi-24 has seen action in numerous conflicts, including the Soviet-Afghan War and various African and Middle Eastern conflicts, proving its effectiveness in combat.
  • Global Use: Over 50 countries have operated the Mi-24, making it one of the most widely used attack helicopters worldwide.

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