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Weapon sound

M39 Cockpit Sound – Aircraft Weapons SFX Library

The M39 Cockpit Sound is a sound of a firing 20 mm cannon firing from the Northrop F-5 Fighter cockpit. Many of fighter aircraft used it from the early 1950s through the 1980s.

The Springfield Armory developed M39, based on the World War II–era design of the German Mauser MG 213. That was a 20 mm (and 30 mm) cannon, which did not see combat use.

The M39 Cannon is a standard armament of the F-86H fighter-bomber, F-100 Super Sabre, F-101A and F-101C Voodoo, and the F-5 Freedom Fighter. The B-57B tactical bomber was also use it. The only US aircraft still flying with the M39 is the Northrop F-5. Extensive work had to be done on the forcing cone, heat dissipation, cook-off prevention, link testing, and reinforcement, to raise the mean time between failures to 1-in-1000 rounds fired.

The M39 served as the basis for the T75 autocannon developed by the Republic of China (Taiwan). It was a more-powerful partial replacement for the M2HB machine gun onboard naval vessels and the HMMWV tactical vehicle, with its latest use being within the XTR-101 and XTR-102 weapon stations.

The M39 Cockpit Sound consists of the firing start sound – [START] file, [LOOP] audio file 10 seconds long and the ending file – [END], which should be played at the end of the shooting. The Aircraft Weapons SFX Library includes 51 audio files.

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