MiG-29 Sound FX Library

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MiG-29 SFX – Game-Ready Sound Effects for Game Developers

An unique library of sounds for game developers with detailed instructions on how to use it. The MiG-29 Sound FX library includes 17 seamless loops and 12 special sound effects. Using them together, your MiG-29 comes to life!

The Mikoyan MiG-29 is a jet fighter aircraft designed in the Soviet Union. The MiG-29 was developed to counter new U.S. fighters such as the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. Its first flew in July 1982. The maximum altitude the MiG-29 can fly is about 20 km.

All of our jets are based on the same implementation principle with the same functions. Therefore, when you configure MiG-29 for your project, you can easily use other jets from


01. Demonstration of MiG-29 Sound FX Library- Startup and Shutdown 



02. Demonstration of MiG-29 Sound FX Library – From Idle to Afterburner 



03. Demonstration of MiG-29 Sound FX Library – Flybys 



04. Demonstration of MiG-29 Sound FX Library – Cockpit WarmUp 



05. MiG-29 Idle RPM External View 



06. MiG-29 Idle RPM Front View 



07. MiG-29 Idle RPM Back View 



08. MiG-29 Maximum RPM Front View 



09. MiG-29 Afterburner 



10. MiG-29 Distant Sound 



11. MiG-29 Distant Sound Back View 



12. MiG-29 Avionics Cockpit View