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MAKS Sounds 2019

MiG-35 Sound is a sound of Russian MiG-35 Aircraft from the MAKS Sounds 2019 sound library. The MAKS Sounds 2019 library includes 11 audio files. Total duration: 41 minutes.

The Mikoyan MiG-35 (Fulcrum-F) is a Russian 4++ generation multirole jet fighter. The fighter has vastly improved avionics and weapon systems. The MiG-35 has a maximum speed of 2,700 kilometers an hour, an effective range of 1,000 kilometers and a service ceiling of 17,5000 meters.

The main differences between the MiG-35 from the MiG-29 is the integration of the avionics information-sighting fifth generation systems and the application of advanced airborne weapons of Russian and foreign production. As well as enhanced combat stability achieved through the introduction of modern means of electronic warfare.

In developing the MiG-35 attention was paid to the improvement of performance. In particular, the increased reliability of aircraft, engines and avionics, increased durability and life of the airframe. According to statements of the corporation “MiG” flight hour cost of MiG-35 is almost 2.5 times lower than that of the MiG-29. For fighters had developed a set of technical and technological solutions to ensure the autonomy-based, such as the onboard oxygen station.

The story of the MiG-35 may be simpler than the interweaving of financial and bureaucratic delays and negligence of industrialists. The fact is that both MiG-35 and MiG-29SMT represent a deep modernization of the MiG-29. The difference is only in the amount of the modernization: the MiG-29SMT is a bit simpler than the “thirty-fifth”.

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