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Mi-38 Sound is the sound of the transport helicopter Mil Mi-38 from the MAKS Sounds 2019 sound library. The MAKS Sounds 2019 library includes 11 audio files. Total duration: 41 minutes.

It flew for the first time on 22 December 2003. The manufacturer plans to provide the Mi-38 with a new Tranzas “glass cockpit” avionics system and new composite main rotor blades. The helicopter is offered with a pair of Klimov TV7-117V turboshaft engines. The second prototype with Pratt&Whitney Canada PW127/TS engines, made its first flight in December 2010. In 2013 Kazan Helicopter Plant assembled the third prototype. Russian Armed Forces plans to purchase about 15 Mi-38 helicopters until 2020. Due to sanctions imposed on Russia however, seems like Pratt&Whitney engines will not be offered in the definitive version.

The tail rotor design is similar to the one tried-and-true of Mi-28 helicopter. The designers paid special attention to maintainability. Therefore the life assigned to the structure of the units and systems exceeds 4-6 times the one of the similar elements of Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters.

The helicopter has the ability to transport nearly 32 troops for transportation. It can lift a total of 5000 kilograms internally. While externally it can lift up to 7000 kilograms.

Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant is a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters. Since its founding, the Plant has created 12 basic models of helicopter, including the Mi-8/17, Mi-35M, Mi-26, Mi-28, Mi-38 and numerous modifications. As a result, Mi-helicopters are in operation in 110 countries worldwide.

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