T-72 Tank SFX

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T-72 Tank SFX – Game-Ready Sound Effects for Game Developers

The famous T-72 sound effects library for game developers with detailed instructions on how to use it. No more hundreds of useless audio recordings. Only the necessary prepared sounds. The T-72 SFX sound library includes 4 seamless loops and 8 special sound effects. Revive your Russian T-72 tank.

The T-72 is a family of Soviet main battle tanks that first entered production in 1971. Soviet Union, China, Czechoslovakia, India, Romania and Yugoslavia produced about 30,000 of T-72. The T-72A version is considered a second-generation main battle tank.

The T-72 wears the 125 mm 2A46 series main gun. As is typical of Soviet tanks, the gun is capable of firing anti-tank guided missiles, as well as standard main gun ammunition, including HEAT and APFSDS rounds. Like the earlier domestic-use-only T-64, the T-72 is equipped with an automatic loading system, eliminating the need for a dedicated crew member, decreasing the size and weight of the tank.

Russia’s T-72B3 tank is one of the most lethal versions of the T-72 in production. A modernization of the T-72B from the 1980s, it provides Russia with an effective frontline tank at a cheaper cost than the T-90 or upgrades versions of the T-80. However, the T-72B1MS “White Eagle”, utilizing technology taken from the T-72B3, may give customers a lot of the advantages of the T-72B3 in an export-ready package. Like the T-72B3, the primary upgrade of the T-72B1MS is Sosna-U thermal imager. The sight modernizes the fire control system and provides thermal vision to the tank gunner.

All of our tanks are based on the same implementation principle with the same functions. Therefore, when you configure T-72 tank for your project, you can easily use other tanks from


01. Demonstration of T-72 SFX library 



02. Idle Engine sound 



03. Acceleration sound 



04. Max Speed Driving sound 



05. Movement (tracks) sound 



06. Obstacle Hit sounds 



07. Start and Stop sounds 




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— How to Use It —

Instructions on how to use the T-72 SFX Library can be found in the zip archive that you download when you purchase this library. Or you can read how to use the AMX Leclerc sound library on our website. They are absolutely identical.

If you have noticed any mistake, or you can suggest improvements, please write to us about it.

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