P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter-Bomber Aircraft – Real Recordings


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P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter-Bomber Aircraft – Unique Audio Recordings

Real Recordings of P-47 Thunderbolt Fighter-Bomber Aircraft is an unique recording of the World War II era aircraft produced by the United States from 1941 through 1945. The P-47 Sound FX library includes 14 audio files. Total duration: 36 minutes.


01. P-47 StartUp and Taxi to the runway from Side View 



02. P-47 StartUp and Taxi to the runway from Side View 2 



03. P-47 Takeoff Sound 



04. P-47 Takeoff Sound 2 



05. P-47 Parking And Shutdown 



06. P-47 Parking And Shutdown 2 



07. P-47 Taxiing by 



08. P-47 Taxiing by 2 



09. P-47 Cockpit View StartUp 



10. P-47 Cockpit View Warm Up and Taxiing to the runway 



11. P-47 Cockpit View Takeoff 



12. P-47 Cockpit View Flight 



13. P-47 Cockpit View Flight 2 



14. P-47 Cockpit View Landing, Parking and Shutdown 



Duration: 36:27


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WAV 48kHz, 24bit


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Looped Audio


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